Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Some people say, "attitude is everything." I say - screw it. A good attitude isn't going to get me through this week. Friday I get my bar results, Saturday I have a midterm, Sunday I have a paper due, Monday I have a final. Right now I am just trying to keep afloat. My goal is to pull an all-nighter and finish (and start) my paper tonight. Obvi, I am not doing such a good job at the starting part...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nice Calves Do Not a Runner Make

More often than I am asked if I am a swimmer (another story for another day), I am told I have nice legs. Specifically my calves. In Law School, a classmate even had a calf crush on me. I would post a picture of them but taking a picture of your own calves is harder than you might think.

So having muscular/athletic calves not only makes boot shopping hard, it also gives you a false sense of in-shapeness. Why I am talking about this? Well, a couple of weeks ago after reading Legs's post about completing the Disney Half-Marathon, I sent a email out to my fam and some close friends about training and completing (notice NOT competing in) the January 2011 Disney Half. I needed something to motivate me to get into shape and also into a too small bridesmaid's dress. I also knew that this is something my dad has talked about doing for awhile and I knew that if he didn't do it soon his body might not let him later on (my dad is basically falling apart). So I got an enthusiastic yes from Cris and my dad and here we are -training for a half marathon that is a little over ten weeks away. Thankfully Cris found a great training plan for just this situation. (She and I are doing different ones from the challenge.)

To motivate me, I have even made a schedule that I put on the wall right across from my bed.

This week I have started to do some preliminary running, just to see how my fitness level is these days. HOLY RUSTED METAL, BATMAN. I am so out of shape. I literally almost DIED on the treadmill. I could see the headlines for the next day "Girl Sweats and Slips to Death on Treadmill" In other news, that same day my dad ran 7 miles, just for fun.

Warning to all those who are thinking about going to law school: You not only come away with a massive amount of debt but also about 50 extra lbs. Although your calves may remain shapely, you are not even close to being in shape. Sitting in a chair for the last three years really takes a toll on your fitness- go figure.

Any and all encouragement is welcome!

Friday, October 15, 2010


i just set the smoke detector off. it's 2:30 in the morning. oops. sorry neighbors!


Friends, I have finally recovered from an exciting long weekend and am ready to blog! Ma Belle and Pa Belle were scheduled to visit for the long weekend (Columbus day off- gotta love the federal gov't!) and planned to stay Friday through Monday. I took the yellow line on Friday morning to meet them at National. I was disappointed to see that their flight had been delayed when I checked the arrivals board, so I went to dunkin donuts (hold the coffee, please) and then anxiously awaited for them at the gate. After ten minutes or so, I finally saw them rounding the corner. Here comes the surprise - prepare yourselves- it's prettay awesome!
They had this little munchkin with them!
She even had the green backpack she is wearing in this picture as her carryon! Ahhh so precious!! This sweet little girl is my oldest niece, Ellie. She makes regular appearances as BigM over at the Mouse House, my sis-in-law's blog. She has a piece of my heart to put it lightly and I was so overjoyed to see her. I held back tears when I saw her because the last time I saw her I was crying (right before I was moved) and I didn't want to worry her. Man, can that child worry. So needless to say, I was totally surprised and shocked. Ma Belle was particularly proud of her surprise because I had absolutely NO clue. Within minutes of seeing them, we spoke to my brother and SIL on the phone, who both threatened bodily harm if I did not hold Ellie's hand at all times. Which, really, was fine with me!

I had all kinds of activities planned for my parents and me, but those went out the window once I saw Ellie. Here is a recap of what we did (i love me some bullets!):
  • rode the metro
  • attempted to dine at the DC Food Truck Cook off
  • met my friend, JSM, III to whom Ma Belle said "it's good to know you aren't imaginary!" thankssss, mom.
  • went to Safeway
  • saw my 'hood - chinatown
  • went to the top of the washington monument
  • had a picnic on the mall
  • rode the merry-go round
  • colored
  • played cards
  • painted nails on the roof
  • read some books
  • saw dinosaurs
  • met Ellie the Dog
  • decorated with streamers to celebrate Greg passing the bar! (Go Greg!)
Monday morning, we took the yellow line back to National and I said goodbye to my sweet family. However, this time I couldn't hold back my tears.

We had a busy and tiring weekend and it went by much too quickly. I am so thankful for my parents, they are the best!

Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Fall Y'all!

Finally, my favorite season is here!!! Taking a cue from Cris at Adventures of the Hunt Family, here's a recap of my summer:

The summer started off with a bang!! I graduated from law school! There I am, getting 'hooded'! I was fortunate to celebrate graduation with my family and friends and it was a blast! At least it was a blast when I wasn't worrying about my grandparents possibly falling and not being able to get up!! After graduation, I set out with the parents to DC to check out school and find a new place to live. Luckily, I loved the FIRST place we went in and ended up signing a lease the same day!

Here are my parents in the apartment I chose. I am so glad we found this place! After DC, I spent some time in my hometown with family and celebrated Memorial Day (MD is a big deal in my hometown!!) Over 500 Motorcyclists travel into town for a ceremony!

Here are my precious grandparents at the Memorial Day celebration. The REAL Georgia Belle and my sweet poppy, Jesse Flay. Both my grandfather and my father served in the military, so this day is really special. After the holiday, I went back to Macon and started studying for the bar. Here are my comrades in Barbri class. I couldn't have made it without them!
Pretty much summer was all downhill from here... MOPEY. I spent a TON of time in the library at the law school. Had the worst tan (I was tanless) in years and wavered between breaking down and cracking up. The one highlight was JULY 4th!!! July 4th also happens to be when I celebrate my birthday and my mother threw a great party!

Wait?? Not everyone has a moon bounce at their 26th birthday party?!??!

This is my family on my mother's side at the party. 4 generations in one photo- pretty special! Ok, so after the 4th summer pretty much was a plummet. I have never been so unhealthy, so inactive and so sleep-deprived. Check out this picture of misery.

I NEVER want to study for the bar again. A couple of days after this picture, I did this for two days.

Looking at this picture gives me PTSD. Over 1,000 people sitting in one room taking the biggest test of their lives. Not the most uplifting place to be. After this barrel of laughs, I went back to Macon and started getting ready for the big move to DC. A week after the bar I moved from this place

to this place...

Yes, I now live in one room and have no car. But, you know what, I LOVE it!! So, this summer has been B I G. I went from a country mouse to a city mouse, started a new stage in my life and had my LAST (for real this time) first day of school! (PRAISE GRILLED CHEESUS!).

** Things I didn't mention:
- Jfriend's fiesta of a birthday
- My mellow birthday.
- going to the airport on the sky tram to have dinner the night before the bar.
- making it to the top of Mercer Law!!!
- Eye Twin getting engaged and possibly ordering a too small bmaid's dress
- Evan's 2nd birthday
- My crew helping me move.
- An awesome visit from Cris and Lauren
- A dinner and visit with Jesse, jfriend's boyfriend
- Realizing that I have a second, second-chance friend in my apt bldg
- fun labor day gathering
- DC's fashion night out and seeing the cast of RHODC
- Already meeting some great people in DC!!

Happy Friday, friends!!!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Please Report to the Principal's Office

Growing up, I hardly ever got in trouble at school. If I did get in trouble, it was usually because I was talking when I wasn't supposed to (go figure!). The most traumatic experience of all was when I was put in the corner in elementary school P.E. while my class chose square dance partners. My pre-selected partner was snatched up and I was left with the boy* with warts ALL OVER his hands. That experience alone taught me to NEVER get in trouble again, especially where boys are involved.

So of course, what happens last week?? I get called out by a professor for having the 'gift of gab'. It's 16 years after that square dance and here I am getting in trouble for running my mouth. I am in this really frustrating class that is team taught by an older gentlemen and a really cool younger associate (RCYA). It is a tortuous 2 hour class, but we get a 10 minute break in the middle. Because said class is so ridiculous and frustrating, I have bonded with the girl that sits next to me over eye rolls and exasperated sighs. So as we are walking into the restroom during the break we start talking about how frustrating the class is and how we don't understand what is going on, etc. This conversation continues as we 'take care of business' and wash our hands. On the way out of the ladies' room, I got that strange feeling where you know you might have just said something that someone you don't want to hear might have overheard in the next stall...

Fast forward to the end of class: As we are leaving, the RCYA team teacher asks up to keep walking out of the class but to talk with her. OF COURSE she heard our whole conversation in the ladies' room. OF COURSE, during this conversation, the entire class is walking by us and looking at us strangely. RCYA couldn't have been cooler about it though. She was like "I understand where you are coming from, please email me with suggestions to make it better. I wasn't sure if I should come out of the stall, so I stayed in because I didn't want to embarrass you. I had on really noticeable shoes, so I was afraid that you realized I was in there and I wanted to make sure you knew that I wasn't mad or upset!"

I might have not been sent to the principal's office and I didn't *really* get in trouble, but it sure felt like I should have taken home a slip to get my mom to sign or at least spent some time in detention. Lesson. Learned. Next time I am keeping my mouth shut or at least looking under the stalls before I open it.

*Whom, might I add, has turned into quite a handsome fella.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Please Excuse the Mess...

So... It's Official! After a couple weeks of deliberation and blog browsing, with this post I have officially entered the world of blogging. Like all good Southern Girls, I like to clean up before I have friends or a even a repairman over. And I especially like to say (even if my place is perfectly polished), "please excuse the mess". However, this time I really mean it!! This blog is a construction zone (somewhat like my life - more details later), and if you are willing to don your hardhats for a couple weeks or so until I can clean up and redecorate, I would love to have to have you!

Y'all come back,

GB, J.D.